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   desktop / laptop / network / sound / entertainment

Light in weight. Heavy on productivity.


Weighing in at a mere 1.04kg, the marriage of RISC OS to this ARM-powered laptop results in a highly portable solution that can be used productively for up to 14 hours.

You buy. We deliver.


From databases to DTP, and everything inbetween, !Store lets you search, purchase and download RISC OS software directly to your desktop.

Computing without limits.


For data-rich applications, TiMachine excels. A pairing of Elesar's Titanium motherboard and RComp Interactive's hardware expertise, TiMachine's 1.5GHz processor and solid state storage make short work of database and graphics tasks. And when it comes to entertainment, TiMachine is no slouch either, its raw power easily able to provide smooth gameplay on all currently available RISC OS titles.